Flight Packages

Captain-Crystal and Morning Star Balloon Co. take pride (yes, I know we are not supposed to be proud but...) in offering that special, unique, and custom experience for everyone. We know your spirits need a lift and what better way to see the world in a new perspective than to view life from all angles in a hot air balloon.

The Olympic Peninsula in Washington State is the most northern and western area to fly a hot air balloon. All flights give spectacular views of Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Forest, Vancouver Island (Canada), the San Juan Islands, Mt. Baker and the Cascade Range. Basically...it is a phenomenal flight. All flights out of Sequim Valley Airport are 50 minutes to 1 hour. And our basket holds four people or 700 pounds which makes the flight experience more intimate. Flight is concluded with a champagne or sparkling cider ceremony with a variety of cupcakes from local Sequim bakery "That Takes The Cake" (who won the Best of Western Washington).

GENERAL ADMISSION - COST: $300 per person

Enjoy a scenic flight of the Olympic Peninsula (Washington State). This would also be fun for a birthday, bucket list, anniversary, graduation gift, or just because I can. How about piloting the balloon for a little while? Captain-Crystal will make it fun. We even post your flight to our Face Book page so you can share with family and friends. And since ballooning is a great family adventure, we charge $2/pound for children so you can stay within budget.

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PRIVATE USE - COST: $1,200  MEMORIES: Priceless

How about renting the hot air balloon? Bring your favorite music on Ipod for this intimate adventure with your sweetie. Getting engaged? Renewing your wedding vows? There is no grander setting than having the gorgeous Olympic Mountains as a backdrop and a hot air balloon as a vehicle to float silently while experiencing the AH! with that special someone who you choose to be with for all time. No one (except maybe the pilot) will interrupt your "smooching practice" on this flight. We will also video that proposal or vow renewal for the world to witness.

Or enjoy something special with out of town family or guest. Celebrate grandma's birthday or an anniversary with friends. And (I know it sounds strange) scatter ashes of your loved one and watch them sail upon the wind to a new adventure...it really is a joyous moment.

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We bring the cupcakes, sparking cider or champagne, and present a colorful, keepsake certificate. Bring your laptop and we'll transfer photographs of your special occasion.

Special Anniversary or Birthday? No problem...we can even bring the cake. Sparkling cider or champagne will follow with a colorful certificate. Bring your laptop and we'll transfer photographs of your special occasion.

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Getting married? This is a great way to celebrate your vows in a more personal fashion. Perfect for those who have found their soulmate the first, second, or third time around or just enjoy being in the outdoors with the one you love.

Wear a pair of your comfortable sneakers under that wedding attire. Get married at 50' or 2,000'.

Our GoPro camera, video camera, and photographic cameras will document the occasion. We will transfer all the images onto a flash card for you to take home and share at your reception. Won't they be surprised? Provide witnesses or we will supply our friendly crew members as stand-ins to witness your vow exchange. Captain-Crystal looks splendid in her tuxedo as she performs the wedding ceremony. (Of course, you are welcome to bring your own officiator.)

Bring your favorite romantic hits on an Ipod. Pop the cork and clink the champagne glasses afterwards. There will be no one to throw that bouquet to so you will get to take it home. This, of course, is totally weather dependent. Note: If we cannot fly, then we perform the ceremony (weather permitting) on the field with or without a balloon as backdrop and fly at a later date OR reschedule the ceremony for a later date.


Included in the Elopement Package is the vow rehearsal, flowered basket adornment, 30ft. "Just Married" banner, in the air vow exchange with officiator, 2 witnesses, "That Takes The Cake" cupcakes, champagne or sparkling cider for toasting, colorful flight certificate, and visual media on flash drive. You provide the paperwork from your county courthouse for signing and filing (to make everything official).



Go ahead and wear that wedding dress, bring up to 10 of your close friends and family, and get married in a hot air balloon. We provide everything you need for an official wedding. You provide the paperwork from your county courthouse. Gear up for the ultimate outdoor wedding. No, you don't fly off into the sunset and leave the guests behind (that would just be rude). We place the balloon on four lines, fly you up to 50 feet or so and everyone below gets to witness your special "in the air" event. This package comes with choice of Captain-Crystal performing your wedding ceremony OR bring your own officiator. Choose your favorite flavored wedding cake. We provide flowers on the balloon basket, 30 ft. "Just Married" banner, catering for up to 12 people, toast with champagne or sparking cider, colorful flight certificate and visual media on flash drive. And when you are done with your vows, give the family a chance to enjoy a tethered hot air balloon ride. Nothing says, "I love your family." like giving them a "tour de air" of the Olympic National Forest in a hot air balloon.

Plan to celebrate with us for up four hours and leave with an assortment of cans tied to your bumper...just kidding.

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For those who would like to get their hands on a hot air balloon this deal is for you. This is a tethered balloon operation which means you have up to four lines which allow the balloon to fly up to 75' in the air. It then comes back down to where it started. This means the balloon travel up and down and does not fly away from the field. Includes "hands-on" training setting up a balloon. You get to fire those jets and with a little help from Captain-Crystal while inflating the envelope (standing up the balloon). Then take control of the burners and fly that balloon. Bring a pair of gloves 'cause this is your opportunity. On the other hand, if you are in too delicate of a condition to handle a flight due to a possible hard landing, we are happy to complete your bucket list with a hot air balloon tether. Of course, you can bring as many friends along you want to lend a helping hand, take for a ride, and then take you out to breakfast afterwards. Or, have your friends all pitch in and have a chance to fly. This could be a cool way to party in the summer. Of course, it is an early morning activity.


This two hour lesson includes set-up and take down plus flight training in a tethered balloon. Afterwards we toast your achievement and you get a colorful certificate, champagne or sparkling cider toast, and cupcakes from "That Takes The Cake".

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Add hot air balloon rides at your next company picnic, teambuilding forum, grand opening, or product promotion. We will procure the basic park permits, crew, and tie-downs.

Or, market your latest image on a hot air balloon..one of the largest floating billboards. Did you say media? Put our friendly faces and marketing knowledge to your corporate image and watch it soar. More on Corporate Advertising is only a click or call away.